Mindtree interview experience by Priyanshu Rakesh

MindTree interview experience

Name: Priyanshu Rakesh

College: National institute of science and technology

Email: [email protected]

Company: Mindtree

Interview Category: Pool Campus


So the selection process was in three phase namely written, technical interview and HR interview. First round was written (AMCAT pattern) following which was coding round which consisted two questions, one of which was pattern and the other was based on string. I got one question completely right and a partial output for the second one. The results were announced within an hour and the next round was a day after in KIIT university, three other colleges were also participating in the placements. We were told to fill out some forms after and then was called for technical interview. The interview went good, I was mostly asked questions about my project and it’s application. The interviewer also asked to propose the detailed plan to setup the project on paper, following he asked some basic programs and few syntaxes of C, then a little about the company and my aspirations. After few minutes I was called for the HR interview that meant my technical interview was cleared. I was happy but scared at the same time about this last round standing between me and an opportunity. The HR round was a very brief round which I didn’t expect. He asked me about my parents, siblings and family, and also how the day was. Then he asked about relocation in job and then he asked what domains am I interested to work on if I get selected in the company. And then it was over, I was skeptical about the selection because the interview was quite brief but in HR round they mainly judge you on your body language and confidence. The results were declared after a day and I got selected and that’s how it was done.

Mindtree interview Experience

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