Relational Operator

The relational operator in C are mostly used for comparison purpose of two values of two expressions. Those expressions which use relational operators are also known as relational expressions.

Following are the relational operator in C :


  • The relation operators are mostly used in looping and control statements (if…..else) .The relations operators >,<,<=,>= have the same precedence. The operator == and != have just low precedence then above mentioned operators.
  • Relational operators have low precedence as comparison to arithmetic operators. So while using these operators in any expression or inside looping precedence must be taken care of.
  • Logical operators in C results in numeric value of 1 and 0 for its expression for true and false respectively (every non zero values are considered to be true in C whereas 0 is considered as false) .

The code given below will clear you more about relational operator:

Program compiled in Code::Blocks compiler.




Output on  program for two different numbers

Output of program for two same numbers

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