Control Statements

In this section I am going to discuss about control statements in C.As the name suggests control statements in C are used to control over the execution of program code. As we know C is a sequential order programming language. Program codes in C are executed line by line. In some part of our programs if we want to use few parts of code for one purpose and another parts of code for some different purpose we will have to use control statements. Control statements in C helps us in similar kind of situation. Control statements helps us to have control over execution process of our code. We can define the order of execution for our programs.

Control statements in C are of following types:

Control Statement

As shown above in the figure, control statements are classified into two categories.

1)Branching Control Statement

2)Looping Control Statement

Further branching control statement divided into two categories:

a)conditional branching .(if,if….else,if……elseif,switch)

b)Unconditional branching.(break,continue,goto,return)

Looping control statements are divided into three categories:

a)for loop

b)while loop

c)do….while loop

Each conditional statements will be discussed in details in next section.
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